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Dashboard guage & Opportnity question

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Dashboard guage & Opportnity question

We are using the guages to track closed and open opportunities by Status (Open/Closed/Closed-Won) and Process.  But there is not enough granularity in the filters to accomplish what we need.  There are really two options that would help me out the most 1) ability to select multiple Processes instead of just one or "all"  -or- 2) ability to create a custom query as the source of the guage. 


And a seemily unrelated question ... Is there any way to add more statuses to Opportunities?  E.g.  Closed-Won/Closed-Lost/Open/Inactive are not enough. I would like to add one or two more if possible.



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Re: Dashboard guage & Opportnity question

Hello behrmr,

In regards to your question about the Opportunity statuses, unfortunately there is not a method to add additional status types. For the additional filtering and customization, you may want to take a look at these add-on products:


TopLine Dash Manager


TopLine Dash Personal


Durkin Opportunity List Plus

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.