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Customizing Reports

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Customizing Reports

I am the new software engineer for my company and also new to the ACT reporting tool.  After a generalized look at the reporting options I am a little confused on exactly how it works.  I can create a new report but I can't find where I access the data fields that populate the controls and I am not talking the database but within the report.  I know ACT is connected to my database and therefore generalized terms between the two, but I am looking to modify the actual query that populates a sub-report outside the means of customer, company, opportunity... based options but within the fields available through the database.  Also creating a group by functionality or ordering by say company name then a second order by opportunity.  Pulling reports together with blanked or incomplete information ie an opportunity report where the end user didn't list a contact.  Big request but what I am mostly looking for is a user manual, some kind of free training feature that I can use as a reference from a programmers point of view, any kind of help would be appreciated.  I am use to working with SQL Server's reporting services where you actually handle the design and the query of the report your looking for is this possible with ACT.

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Re: Customizing Reports

The ACT! reports should be great. The underlying report engine has extensive capabilities however the UI is designed with fixed data sourcing  so that many of the things you referred to aren't available within the report template itself. Some can be done using a query prior to running the report and then running the report for the current lookup so that the query is recognized. 


There is a third party book with comprehensive training information on the ACT! reports, here is the link.


Other alternatives are using the ACT! reader to access the database tables and then using a third party report program like Crystal Reports or the SQL reporting services.


Hope this helps.

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Re: Customizing Reports

Dylan - I would definitely look into the use of OLE/DB V2.  If you are a software engineer, then you likely know SQL or if you don't it should be too much of a stretch.  You can do quite a bit with the SQL scripts.