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Customized User Security

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Customized User Security

I have been asked to allow access for a particular user as outlined below and I'm having difficulty figuring out how to modify his user account to accomodate the request:


* Access to all contacts (not Administrator though)

* Add history and/or contacts

* No deleting records

* No editing another account manager records


Anyone out there have any ideas on how I can get close to this security wishlist? 


ACT! 2011 Premium (Web) 2011 Version, Hot Fix 4.

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Posts: 2
Country: USA

Re: Customized User Security

Ok, well I came up with a few ideas, but not sure what the ramifications will be so any help with explanations would be greatly appreciated.


I created a Team called "View All" and added my user to that Team.




First I thought about adding my Team to all contacts so I selected all contacts from list view and from Contacts menu ->Edit Contact Access->Add Users/Teams.  I added my Team and when clicking ok got the following message - "You may only add users and teams to limited access contacts. Public and private access contacts will be ignored. Would you like to continue?"


I didn't go forward with this because I don't think it will give me what I want with Team access to ALL records as it sounds like it will only do limited access contacts.





Then I thought about creating a new Access List so I selected all contacts from list view and from Contacts menu ->Edit Contact Access->Create New Access List.  I added my "View All" team and when clicking ok got the following message - "The new access list, consisting of the Users and Teams you have selected will overwrite the previous access list for all selected contacts". 


What would clicking Yes to this message to apply my new team to all contacts impact anything currently with the access rules of all existing contacts or will it simply add the new Team? 


We have over 13k contacts, so I would just like to know the impact before applying.