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Customized Report Template File Names are being RENAMED

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Customized Report Template File Names are being RENAMED

We are running ACT! by Sage Premium 2009 (11.0) Version, Hotfix 4, and synchronizing with 3 other computers.


I have created 7 customized report templates, and have saved them in the "Report" folder with all of the other report templates. I have also customized the menus to print those reports when needed. All was working very well up until last week, a very strange problem has started; after a synchronization the Customized Reports are not available.


After doing some research, I have found that the file names, of the custom report templates that I have created, are being REWRITTEN...with the date and time of the synchronization.  For example one of my file names is   CR_assignment.rep    , but now after a syncronization that file name is being rewritten as   CR_customized 2010-05-07 10-20-49.rep  , which of course makes my custom reports unavailable at my menus.


Of course when we go to print a report (from the customize menu) ACT can't find the report tempate to print, becaue the report file name is different from the file name that the customized menu item is pointed at.


I am presently going back and pasting my saved report templates (with the proper file names) in the Reports folder, OR going into the Reports folder and deleting the date/time info; and then all is well...until the next sych!


What do I need to do to stop this rewritting of the file names that I created??   And the reason that I phrase that question that way is none of the other report templates appear to be altered...just the files that I created.


Thank you in advance for your ideas.

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Re: Customized Report Template File Names are being RENAMED

This issue was reported in the 2009 11.0 build of the program and corrected in the 11.1 build (which you show are your build).  It only affects reports/templates that are created or edited after a remote(s) has been created.  The time/date stamp was used to resolve synchronization conflicts, it has since been removed.


As a test, create a brand new template (add 1 or 2 fields/few words of text) through the editor (not copy/paste) and then sync and see if this 'new' template also gets the time/date stamp.  If it does not, edit this template and then sync again and look for the time/date stamp.

Greg Martin
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Re: Customized Report Template File Names are being RENAMED

Outstanding information Greg...Thank you!


You are correct in that we have the updates and hotfixes in place on all machines.


I tried your suggestion and created a new report template, and that file name was rewritten with the date/time stamp after the sych.  So I created new RDB files and restored them on the remote machines, tried the same suggestion, and the problem appears to have gone away with the new RDB's in place.


I will give you Kudos after a day or so of no rewritten file names....LOL