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Custom sub entities question

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Custom sub entities question



Is it possible to create Custom subentities (custom tables) related with Contacts, but only certain users to have access to them through UI?



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Re: Custom sub entities question

I know this can be done, the only thing that I'm not certain of is if you could use Act's security to accomplish it. However, checking who the user is and checking there role and displaying/not displaying data based on that information should be possible. I only say should because I haven't actually developed anything like this on my own.

Matthew Wood
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Re: Custom sub entities question

What we did is create an extra custom table with the users and if they should have access... then the plugin simply checks that table and doesn't display the tab if the user shouldn't have access.

Of course, it won't block local access via ODBC, but if the user has those skills and local access, they can pretty much crack the entire database pretty easily

A way around that is to add encryption to the table that the plugin encrypts/decrypts on the fly... assuming you don't want access for Crystal, etc.
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Re: Custom sub entities question

The custom table plugin that I work with, Topline Designer, does have field level security on ACT! premium. That means that the tab would be their but you could control what they could see or do with the fields in the tab layout.

Roy Laudenslager
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