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Custom Tables and v16

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Custom Tables and v16

I have reviewed the ACT! supplied materials about v16.  As far as I can tell, adding custom tables is still not an option.  


Assuming I'm right about that ... here's what I need to accomplish:


Adding tables for parts orders and service calls to a given customer, so I can create a report or dashboard which would provide a summary of history with the customer while on the phone with them or prior to meeting with them.


Can someone recommend (because they've used it, and not because their best friend's aunt's second cousin's wife recommended it) an add on that would allow me to add tables?


Alternately, has anyone built something in Access where you link to the ACT! database and put the "new" tables in Access and write the report/dashboard there instead of fiddling with ACT!


Feedback appreciated.





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Re: Custom Tables and v16

Where did you get the information that you can't add custom tables to ACT! 16. It's true that the previous versions of the custom table plugins need to be upgraded for compatibility with ACT! 16 but that's available with Topline Designer and the Durkin Computing plugins. 


By the way. the capability for custom tables is available through the ACT! SDK but you would need to write your own user interface and management program.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Custom Tables and v16

Hallo Janet,


for example you can use TABLE|IT to create your custom tables:


Best regards Susanne

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Re: Custom Tables and v16

Check out Impact Suite v5


Impact Suite is a custom table addon and more. It Includes 10 powerful add-ons allowing users to get more jobs done quicker and easier. Adds new features to all sections from contacts to dashboards to calendars to opportunities.


You can create reports using our ad-hoc report designer named: Impact Report Designer v5

It creates professional reports of virtually any type, including hierarchical, pivot & charts, custom tables, activities, opportunities. Includes over 60+ customizable reports.



You may want to check out the video on dashboards. Click here to watch




-- Jim Durkin