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Custom Reports

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Custom Reports

Does anyone have a source or guide to creating custom reports, I have setup several network installs, etc but am lost when looking at the custom reports screen as to what to do or where to start.
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Re: Custom Reports

This is a really good pack of pre-built custom reports -
It's a great place to start, and Roy from Techbenders is the guru of ACT! reporting.... they also do training to help you design your own
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Re: Custom Reports

Is there a good book for reference when creating reports? 
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Re: Custom Reports

I'm only a little way down that path myself but I've got a few pointers you might like:


I assume you're familiar with the basics of creating a custom report, like adding fields into the different page sections of the report, it's very much like excel, so you should be alright with that.


Open reports:

Find Reports menu at top of screen... 

Reports --> New Report

Select Report Type

Select Template  (chose Empty)

Now you're ready to edit reports 


Click on the Toolbox on the left hand side of the page to select the type of element you want to add, then click on the form in the palce you want to add it and it will appear. With fields you will have to select the field you want to add after you have clicked on the form. 


The frustration starts when you want to output some information that you can calculate or imply from data in your database that's not actually explicitly recorded in your database. For example perhaps that's something as trivial as converting a field's value from true or false to yes or no, or some other symbol, like a cross. Or perhaps you want to calculate totals on the fly.


To do that you need to use vb script. Nobody has used vb script for years so you might find books about it in second hand stores going super cheap. There's a good guide on the net anyway. However vb script in ACT! seems to be crippled somehow, it doesn't _seem_ to support variables as such, you need to store any data you might like in variables as form elements, and then hide those elements. You access elements in the same way that you do with any VB:


label01.text = "some text you want the label to display"   <--- assign text to a label

label02.text = label01.text  <--- assign the value of the text in one label to another label


For more help do check out the vb script tutorial at 


Also the editor that ACT! provides to work with vb script is horrendous. Perhaps the whole thing is just a setup to make you buy Crystal Reports, which might be what you really want. Better documentation, more users and easier to use. 


To get to the script editing part from the report writer:

Right click on the detail section of the page, select "Edit Report Script"

The dropdown box at the top will basically determine when the script is run (I think, guessing here, not seen any documentation)...