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Custom Reporting Using Data from User Field

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Re: Custom Reporting Using Data from User Field

Hi. I am a new user and found your frustrations with ACT very similar to mine. I was wondering how or if you have found a solution? I have found StonefieldQuery report generation software and will be testing it out Monday. Apparently it simplifies the data extraction from the ACT database to include calculations, filters, queries, data from Contacts, Opportunities, and Group tables, etc... to easily generate custom reports. I'd appreciate any further input on the problem as I hear that most of the CRM software out there is quite similar. I am looking for an easy fix that does not require a PHD.
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Re: Custom Reporting Using Data from User Field

I am having a similar problem. I looked for the ACT Reader and  could not find it. I also looked at Stonefield but could not find a price tag for this S/W. I am just a single user running ACT! 11 and need to generate a status for my boss sorted by the value of my opportunities. You wouldn't think this should be so difficult.


I have tried modifing the report "Opp. by Contact" but I am unable to sort the output by the value of the Opp.


Any suggestions ??



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Re: Custom Reporting Using Data from User Field



Have you considered sorting the opportunities by value in Opportunity List View then using the Export To Excel button to shoot the data into Excel. You could further modify / filter the data in Excel and print a report from there. If it gives you what you want it's far easier than trying to modify ACT! reports.


There are also a number of add-on products that allow you to mix and match data from different tables before printing or exporting to Excel. Top-line Dash ( ) is one example.



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Re: Custom Reporting Using Data from User Field

The main problem you have is that you are modifying a contact based report and trying to sort it by opportunities, that won't work. To sort by opportunities or the value of the opportunities you need to start with an opportunity based report such as the pipeline report.
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