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Custom Made Tab Question....

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Custom Made Tab Question....

I custom made a tab on the contact layout with fields for input by users on the results they had on weekly meetings. I export that information to an excel document, but I wuld like to be able to clear those fields after exporting them without erasing them one by one, and if possible to make it periodically.


Is there a way to add a documento to every single contact record?


Thanx for the help

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Re: Custom Made Tab Question....

You can clear a field for the Current Lookup with - Edit | Replace

But this doesn't work for multiple fields at the same time, nor can it bedone automatically as you want.

It could be done as a Plugin with the ACT! SDK... but not sure if it would be important enough to you to have it custom written



You can't link documents in the Documents tab to multiple records, you can link an attached file in the History to 150 at a time.

While there are tools to attach a document to multiple contacts in the docs tab, it does create a seperate file in ACT!'s data store, and this would occupy a lot of disk space

What are you thinking of doing this for? Maybe there's a better solutions

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Re: Custom Made Tab Question....

Perhaps you could have a custom table in ACT! for your meeting results. Then you would retain the information and each week append the latest results.

Some of the add-on products for custom tables, such as Topline Designer, enable you to export to Excel. 

If the document that you need to access from all of the records is one in the same document for all records, you could run Edit | Replace Field over a URL field where the content pointed to the file in Windows Explorer. This avoids saving the document against the database

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