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Custom Fields

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Custom Fields

On the opportunities by process and status report, I wanted to add a field that would occur at the top of each page that would show how many opportunities were in the report total.  I tried to count the opportunities by changing the field type to summary on the data tab.  When I printed the report, the number of opportunities listed on the first page was correct, but on all subsequent pages, the opportunity amount was the same as the opportunity amount for that particular process and status section of the report.  


There is a custom field that totaled the dollar value for all of the opportunities in the report, so I think I need something similar to that to achieve what I am trying to do.  However, I can't open the custom field to see what ACT! has done and the expression field in the properties box is blank.  All of the information I can find online has to do with using custom fields to create address blocks.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to create the custom field I need or where I can look online for that information?  Thanks.

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Re: Custom Fields

If you want some in depth information on the ACT! reports, you might want to check this book.

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Re: Custom Fields

For some basic information on how the Custom fields are created, visit this article:  KB Article 14331.

If you need more in-depth information for customizing reports, Roy's book may be a good option.

Greg Martin