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Custom Activities disappearing from menu

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Custom Activities disappearing from menu

Running Windows 7 64bit and ACT 2011 premium. I3 2.4ghz processor and 4gigs of RAM.


Such a great first experience on this forum I though I would try another question. 


I use a ton of custom activities to keep things flowing easily.  They all seem to stay as long as I do not add a new custom activity under the "schedule/Manage/Activity Types" menu.  As soon as I do all my custom items disappear out of the menu bar.  The "non" custom activities stay, but all my custom icons go away.  I have tried saving and anything else I can think of, but nothing seems to work. 




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Re: Custom Activities disappearing from menu



My experience with this is that it is caused by the preferences not saving correctly. I would suggest that the best step is once you have made your changes and you see them on the screen exit from ACT and wait a couple of minutes before going back in and making sure your settings have been saved.


You might try if you have had some issues deleteing the preferences and do it all in one session and then exit to make sure they are saved. The following KB describes how to remove the preferences.



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