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Cursor Randomly Disappears

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Cursor Randomly Disappears

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My company is running ACT! by Sage Premium 2010 Version, Hot Fix 1 through Citrix.


I believe ever since we upgraded from 2008 I have been having a problem with the cursor randomly disappearing, which is really annoying because then I have to click on the field again with my mouse in order to bring it back.  This doesn't so much happen when tabbing through fields, but sometimes when creating a new contact, the cursor doesn't always appear on the first field which is company and I'll have to use the mouse to click on it so I can begin entering the contact. It also happens pretty frequently on the right nav side where you can do the quick search by entering something in the box labeled "Contains" and then click go. I'll click on it my cursor will appear, I'll begin typing, it will maybe type nothing, or a couple letters and then the cursor disappears again so I have to reclick on it to finish typing. Similarly, I'll go to enter a note, the box opens, I'll begin typing, it will let me type a couple letters, the cursor will disappear, I'll have to re-click on the box, the cursor appears again and I can finish typing. I don't believe I've ever had to re-click more than once or twice, but I should have to click more than once if at all! Anyone experiencing the same thing or something similar?

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