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Cryptic Error Message Remote Database Restore

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Cryptic Error Message Remote Database Restore

I am currently trying to move an ACT! database from one computer to another and restore the remote database connections in the process. I was able to detach the existing database, and move it to a new computer. I opened up it up on the new computer without much headache. However, I am now trying to restore remote database connections and am running into some problems. Essentially, 1 of the 4 computers was acting as the publisher and now that has moved to a new one, but the remaining 3 computers are unable to connect to the new location.


I created the remote database using the existing sync set. However, when I try to open the .RDB on the networked computers, it appears as though it is trying to import, but then I get a fairly cryptic message that I have had issues interpreting. It seems like its some sort of SQL error, but I'm not entirely sure.


I tried searching the forums but was unable to find anything similar. This is on ACT! 2006. We have 4 licenses. The ACT! database is working just like normal on the computer acting as the new publisher/server.


Here is a screenshot of the error message:


ACT! 2006 Error

































I know this is a fairly old version of ACT! these days, but does anyone have any thoughts on what the cause of this is?



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Re: Cryptic Error Message Remote Database Restore