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Creating "Other" Calendars?

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Creating "Other" Calendars?

Is there a way to create "other" calendars in ACT! that do not belong to a specific user (IE J Smith)? 


For example, is there a way to create a separate calendar for the conference room?  This way, everyone can put meetings on the conference room calendar so people can tell that the conference room is not available.


Another example might be a Sales calendar where various users can enter all sales related events that may or may not pertain to specific users.


Is there anyway to accomplish this?  Thank You

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Re: Creating "Other" Calendars?

here are a couple of ideas.  ACT premium has resources under Schedule, Manage you can put a conference room here.  The other idea is to make an inactive user (inactive so you don't burn a liscense) and call that user conference room,. Then it gets it's own calendar.

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