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Creating practices?

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Creating practices?

In the progress of upgrading Act 6 to 2010.  New clearly is the companies feature.  Its s  wonderful feature ..however.  we have about 20000 contacts.  Prior to this edition every contact was its own entity   whats a good practice on when contacts should become companies. IE most of our database are companies but if we make a company from every contact we are doubleing our database.  Has anyone expeirnced this dilema?  Can anyone suggest criteria for when turning a contact into a company.  I would assume sure when you have 4 contacts related to a company a company should be made and then the contacts added but when you have one contact to a company does it even make sense to create a company for a single contact as well?  Any input would be helpful.



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Re: Creating practices?

I understand what you are saying completely.  Some information such as defining is someone is a Prospect or Customer really should be defined at a company level.  However if you choose to define that information on the Company side, then you really need to create a company for each contact.  For us that would mean we would have 20,000+ companies.  


Conversely, if you choose not to do that then you have duplicate/redundant information on the contact and company levels. Again using the example of Prospect vs Customer definition.  


I'm curious how other users are handling this as well...