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Creating backups of RDB, and restoring the RDB

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Creating backups of RDB, and restoring the RDB



I have a question with regards to creating a new RDB, and importing the contacts from the old RDB.  Just for the record, we are running Windows XP, 2010 ACT! Premium version HotFix 1.


Our problem started when select computers in our office started having issues with ACT!.  Our issue was that people were not able to create new contacts in their remote database, sync to the main server and have those new contacts transfer.  They were able to successfully make changes to existing contacts however.  Up to this point in time, here are the actions I have taken:


1. I made sure that everyone was running the same version of ACT!, and that version was the one running on the server as well.  This did not fix our issue.


2. After calling the ACT! support line, I ran a maintenance on both the RDB that was having this issue, and on the main server.  This did not fix our issue.


3. The most recent suggestion from ACT! support is to backup the RDB, then restore it to the server PC.  Then go and create a new RDB on that computer that was having the issue and sync.  They said that this should fix our issue.


However, I am no IT specialist (actually, no one is with our company.  We only have around 20 employees, and only 10 seats of ACT!).  I have done some reasearch on how to "restore the RDB to the server PC" as tech supports told me to do.  However I have not been able to come up with any help here.


Can someone explain this to me in simpler terms as far as what I must do to restore the RDB to the server PC?  Any help or insight you may have is appreciated.



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Re: Creating backups of RDB, and restoring the RDB

This is what I would do.

  1. On the remote computer create a group of recently created contacts:  Lookup | Contact Activity...look for contacts that have changed since (presume you have a date in mind when you started having these issues), and select the areas to be searched.  Now that you have a lookup add these contacts to a new group such as Export to main database, for instance.
  2. Backup the database on the remote computer
  3. On the server, "restore as" the database from the remote computer
  4. Open the restored database, and create a lookup of the contacts in the group you just created and export this lookup to the main database.
  5. Now that you have the records (hopefully!) in the main database you can create a new rdb for that remote computer.

Hope this helps.

Rita Kogstad
RKA Associates
Stamford, CT