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Creating a new blank database in place of an existing one

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Creating a new blank database in place of an existing one

I did some searches and didn't find exactly what I'm looking for.  I'd like some feedback on something I will be doing soon:


I will be deleting or erasing one or more of the existing databases I maintain for my clients in a couple weeks.

There is a business reason for why this needs to be done but that's besides the point.


The replacement database will need to be in the same location on the same server, with the same database name.

Given that fact, I'm wondering if it is best to just do a lookup in the current database and delete all the records other than the few User records that will be needed going forward.  I would then manually clear out the Attachments folder on the server to further clean the database up.  This method would allow the same Layout files to remain intact, users I do not delete would keep the same passwords, and database backup would not be affected on the server.

Is that the best route to go or is there a reason to not do this?


I believe the alternative would be to delete the current database completely and start from scratch re-creating it.  I do not believe I can create a Blank Copy of the same database if I'm not willing to create it in a new location with a new name.  Correct me if I'm wrong.


Thanks for your insights and suggestions with this.

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Re: Creating a new blank database in place of an existing one

Hi, this job can be done with the help of ActDiag.

with actdiag, you can remove the database and then place a empty copy instead that will show up with the same name.


in any case i would strongly recomend to consider to ask an ACC to do the job, as there might be a few things that should be covered upfront.




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