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Creating a hyperlinked text on an opportunity layout

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Creating a hyperlinked text on an opportunity layout

I would like to put simple text on a layout that is a hyperlink.  If the user clicks this it would open that URL in thier web browser.


An example.  To help them determine the SIC/NAICS code for a company I would like to have text nearby on the layout that they can click to go to a specifc webpage that will help them determine the proper code to put in the field.


I do layouts, create fields and drop down lists so I'm comfortable there.  I just can't seem to find the the right tool to use so if someone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it.  The info in the Act! help menu for the URL field is weak and makes no sense to me.


I just want to place some text like "Click to find an NAICS code" that would launch an appropriate web page.


We are using Act! 2010 premium.



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Re: Creating a hyperlinked text on an opportunity layout

You could try using the Web Info Tab on your layout.  You can create and customize links to external websites.


As for URL fields, you simply put in a URL, click on it, and your default web broswer will open up.  The trick is you would have to put the same SIC/NAICS URL on every single opp, but that can be set as the fields default value through edit>>define fields.


Hope that helps.

Mark Hammer
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