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Creating a copy of database in ACT! 2007 Premium for Web

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Creating a copy of database in ACT! 2007 Premium for Web

Good morning,


I inheritated an ACT! database from my old IT person (who is no longer with my company).  I know it's  ACT! 2007 Premium for Web and I am running WXP Pro. 


I tried using File>Database>Backup.  I've tried saving on another server as well as on the same server (C:\Documents and Settings\tcooper\My Documents\ACT\ACT For Web\Backup\ACT! with the same results.  My new IT person shut down the SQL and made a copy on another server.  However, this copy is linked to the original.  I would like to manually sync by selecting "Synchronize Now" so that I have 2 existing copies (and can be edited independent of each other) in case one of the servers die.  Right now, "Synchronize Now" is greyed out.  So I'm assuming we did something wrong.  Thank you for your help.






The following error occurred during backup.  The backup was cancelled.

Access to the path '\\PHOENIX\EQ_MASTER-database files2\Backup\PHOENIX_EQ_Master_D20121116T101129.BAK' is denied.

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Re: Creating a copy of database in ACT! 2007 Premium for Web

In case you haven't found the answer to your question yet:


To create a backup of the database, use the File > Backup > Database option.  It will create a zip file that can then be copied off of the computer for safe retention.  You cannot manually copy the database files because they are locked by SQL.

KB Article 19211


To create a remote database for synchronization, see instructions in this article: KB Article 14116



Greg Martin