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Created a custom field

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Created a custom field

I have created a custom field in the contact detail screen. The field I want is a Yes/No field. During the setup, I saw displayed a drop down arrow. I also clicked on the "Yes/No Field" box on the left side of the screen in the Design Layout Field. What I expected to happen was that as I entered or modified a record, the field I created would have a drop down arrow and I could choose either "Yes" or "No". I can only write the words; "Yes" or "No" in the field I created.


How do I format this field so that I can have a drop down field which inserts Yes or No, or by placing a Y, "Yes" is inserted, by placing an N "No" is inserted?

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Re: Created a custom field

To get a field with the drop-down for Yes and No, you'll need to create a drop-down list (done through Define Fields). Enter Yes and No as the options.
Then create a field using 'Character' instead of Yes/No (yes/no will simply be the check box), and select the 'Use Drop-Down' option - select appropriate drop-down, and save it.
Then add the field to the layout.
Greg Martin