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Create a link to a folder

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Create a link to a folder

Happy new year,


act ACT! Premium 2012 Version

Going to V16 in 3 weeks.


On a peer to peer network with 3 machines accessing the main database on my machine.


I thought I read that a "trick" to link to a folder is to use a Hyperlink field. I can't seem to find these instructions in this forum.

The hardest questions are:

Where should I store these folders? can they live in the database documents folder? and can they be accessed by other users?

The concern is when we change to new computers or when we reload windows I obviously don't want to lose these links.

Unless act!V16 now allows for folders to link..


Any advise appreciated. 




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Re: Create a link to a folder

You can use a hyperlink field to link to a folder. I believe the post you remembered seeing is this one:



If you want to put your folders in the Databasename-database files folder solely for the purpose of making sure that everyone can access them across the network share, that would work. However, if you also want to do this for the purpose of having Act! back these folders up when you create your database backups, this will not work. If you have any custom folders in the Databasename-database files folder, Act! will not back these custom folders up, so I wouldn't recommend doing it for this purpose.

Elise O.
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Re: Create a link to a folder

Thank you Elise.


I will not be using this method for backing up. More for a quick access to folders.

Unfortunately its not a forever solution as these links will brake once we move the folder locations.

Thinking of placing these folders in C:\shortcut to pic folder.. to prevent future problems since we usually replace machines every other year.

Tell your act! folks to help.