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Create Look-up Based on Contact Location

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Create Look-up Based on Contact Location

I am looking to create a lookup of accounts based on the location of another account.  I want to do this for when I set an appointment at one to easily see who else is in the area to look for more meetings.  It also would be helpful if I end up with extra time in an area and want to stop by and see some people.


I cover a 10 state area and the way I am doing it today is setting the appointment and then looking up the state I set it in and narrowing the lookup based on area code.  In a state like SD this is a pain because they have such a large geographic area in one area code and is a pain in a state like FL because there are so many area codes and I forget where some are located.


I found a great tool at which maps the contacts but I am not able to select the contacts in the region of the map I want to work with and then create that look-up in ACT.  Any tools out there that would do what I am looking for?  I have worked with Mappoint 2002 some but do not believe this does the look up back in ACT once you have the contacts on the map.


I am using ACT 2010 Premium on a Windows 7 machine.