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Couple of History questions

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Couple of History questions

Greetings all,


1. Is it possible to search by History Type?

2. Is it posible to add a custom field to the History Tab, as we would in the contact layout?

3. is it possible to 'save' a keyword search routine/ In other words, if I don keywrod search for "Friday 9am", can I save that query/






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Re: Couple of History questions

The answer to all three questions is no.
Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Couple of History questions

For the first question, assuming you are using ACT! 2005 or later, you could try using the Lookup | Contact Activity feature.

That will allow you to do a lookup for any records that have cleared meetings, letters sent, faxes sent, phone calls made, etc etc....check it out there are quite a few options there that might help...

Questions 2 and 3 are definitely a no.

Hope that helps. :-)

Cedric Amoyal
ACT! Certified Consultant
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