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Country - Default Value

Silver Contributor
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Re: Country - Default Value

This was a known bug in V18 so I suggest creating a new database in V19 to see it works as expected.


If so an option would be to recreate any custom fields in the new database and then do a database to database export / import using the ACT options in ACTs File menu.


NB Create any users again in the new database before Export / Import.


Tip - If you have a lot of users Lookup Is user field on old database and export these first. Then create the new users from Contacts option.

Copper Super Contributor
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Re: Country - Default Value

Any estimate on when this will be solved for both v18 and v19?

The problem remains in databses created with V19

Lennart Johansson
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Re: Country - Default Value

Hi Lennart,

Is the problem you're experiencing the inability to set a default country value?
If so, then this is currently still an open defect. I'm sorry but I don't have any estimates on when this behaviour may be changed.