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Copying Database

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Copying Database

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I am using ACT! Premium 2012 and am looking to save a copy of a databse which is being shared from a server. However, when I go to File, 'Save Copy As' is not an option as it is greyed out - could this be because it is saved on a server? I wonder if anyone can confirm that if I am able to copy the database will my custom fields be on the new database? I have lots of custom fields and need them to transfer over to the new database.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!



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Re: Copying Database

Hello Laura,
If the option is grayed out, usually this means you are not logged in as Manager or Administrator user in the database. Also, you would not be able to copy a database from a client machine - the database must be local in order to copy it. If you attempt to copy a non local database you will receive a warning message and will not be able to copy it.

if you are trying to get a copy of the main database, then you can make a backup of it from the client machine, then restore it (using the Restore As option) on your machine. Again, you must be logged into the database as a Manager or Admin user.

Greig Hollister

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