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Copy multiple fields to a single "archive" field ??

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Copy multiple fields to a single "archive" field ??

I want to move data in multiple fields to a single Memo field to do what I call a light archive of the data. 


The memo field would be populated with something like this:


Field 1: Data

Field 2: Data

Field 3: Data


Does anyone know how to best accomplish this?

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Re: Copy multiple fields to a single "archive" field ??

You can't do this directly in ACT; you would have to export the data to Excel (from Contact List view), concatenate the data in Excel, then import back into ACT to your Memo field using the Merge option. This will only work if there is nothing already in that Memo field.


Make a backup first!!!!!


If it is something you need to do on a regular basis I would purchase an add-on such as ImportIT


Just had another thought. If you check the Generate History box for your fields, then a history record will be generated each time the field content changes. It won't be as tidy as you would like, but history is searchable, so depending on how you need to use the information, it might be an alternative solution, with the benefit that (a) it's free and (b) it's automatic.



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