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Copy Calendar issues...

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Copy Calendar issues...

For some reason, I'd never really played with this as I just use ACT! for activities... but with so many contacts (especially Sage) using Outlook invites to schedule calls, I decided to try it rather than have to manually create the ACT! activity when I get an invite.


I have observed a number of things that don't seem right and I'd like to know if this is normal or if I did something wrong.


ACT! 2009 Premium 11.1 HF1

Outlook 2007 SP2


Move one instance of a recurring activity in ACT! - shows in both places in Outlook

My user record got added as a contact to every activity in ACT!

Timeless activities become one-day banner activities and changed to Meeting even if they were calles or to-dos

One particular activity created in Outlook from by accepting a meeting request... every time I sync, it creates a duplicate at the same time as the original in Outlook, but then creates an activity in ACT! for the next day. The next sync, it moves the Outlook dupe activity to the next day as it is in ACT! and creates a new dupe in Outlook and repeasts each time I do a copy or schedule one. I can't replicate this with another activity so not sure why it does this every time with this specific one.


Any ideas?