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Convert from Premium 2009 to Premium for Web 2009

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Convert from Premium 2009 to Premium for Web 2009

I currently have Act! Premium 2009 installed on a server running Windows XP/SQL Server Express.

We have 5 users accessing it internally and would like to give our 2 outside sales people access also.

I can't do a network sync scenario with the outside people so need to give them Web access.


1) I can't seem to install both Premium and Web on the same server. Can I uninstall Premium, leaving the shared database

for internal users, install Web, have it use the existing database and give access to the external users?


2) Can I install Act Web on a different server and have remote users access the shared database on the original server?


3) If anyone has had experience doing this, which scenario would be better or is there a better way?


Thanks in advance for your time.

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Re: Convert from Premium 2009 to Premium for Web 2009

You can install ACT! for Web on the server.  The people using Premium will still be able to access the database from their machines.  You will not need to install ACT! for Web on any of the client machines.
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Re: Convert from Premium 2009 to Premium for Web 2009

David is correct to indicate the first option on your list is the best in this scenario, but ACT for Web (APFW) has many program & network configuration issues that are problematic for many people. I have deployed countless APFW databases, and I frequently encounter setup issues I would not wish upon the unitiated.

Then the remote users often complain about timed-out sessions, slow access speeds, reduced functionality, and lack of Word support (amongst other issues). If security concerns prohibit remote synch databases, then I would consult with an ACC before you attempt to set up APFW. If you don't want them to set it up for you, buy an hour of their time in advance for consultation. You'll save a ton of your own time, and dramatically increase the chances of a successful roll out.


Good luck.

Ken Quigley, BA, MCSE, ACC, APT
Toronto, Ontario