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Controlling fonts when merging

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Controlling fonts when merging

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I have spent ages but  I can't get it to pull through the salutations in our company standard (arial 11) it keeps doing it in Calibri body. I have changed it on the template (edit template), on the actual field (design layouts) and in (tools) Preferences but it is still Calibri in the actual email. I can't find where it is telling it to be calibri. 


I cannot send out emails to our clients looking so unprofessional, my support group have no further suggestions either and the poor person that asked this question a few years ago still has not received a helpful response. 



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Re: Controlling fonts when merging

For starters, there isn't any font information stored in the ACT! SQL database. Font selection in the layout is applied to the data as the data is displayed on the screen, The same in a Word template, the font information is applied by Word at the time the data from the ACT! database is merged into the template.


In my experience most of the time when I've seen problems like this it's because the user has edited the Word template. I don't know just what causes the problem when that template is modified but I've cured may merge problems from the ACT! database to a Word template by deleting the Normal template and letting Word create a new default version.

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Re: Controlling fonts when merging

Try clicking the paragraph (show/hide) button, and make sure that when you format the field in the template you include the paragraph sign at the end of the line or paragraph too.

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