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Contact left company

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Contact left company

We always struggle to proper handle a sales contact when that contact person (with a lot of notes /scheduled activities and sales opportuniyies) leaves the company.  We have not find a simple solution to keep the old records as well as assign or copy all the activities/sales opportunities etc. to the new contact (person) who is replacing that left contact.  As a sales guy I have recorded all my activities, sales opportunities and notes with a customer's buyer under that buyers contact.  It often happend that buyers leave the company or are assigned tio other commodities.  What would be the best practice to handle that common  business event, keep the old contact with the info he left and new assigned is ...  as well as have the whole history,activities and sales opportunities easy copied to the new contact meaning new buyer.

Any suggestions of best practice would be greatly appreciated




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Re: Contact left company

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There is no way currently to get rid of the User/Contact without rolling all the histories, notes and opportunities to another user. That doesn't work well as it transfers all the histories & notes to the new person, where in reality, the histories belonged to the former person. I've been suggesting a fix to this problem for years, but the deelopers haven'tt found it to be very important.


I have two possible work-arounds:

  1. Option 1:
    1. create the new person's record (say, "Ima Gnew" )
    2. create a new contact with a variation of the old person's name. Let's say the person that left was Mary Jones. Create a new record that is a variant of the original name (such as Mary Jonesxxx). You may want to make a noter that this was a former employee with dates of hires and termination, just for record purposes 
    3. delete the former employee name (Mary Jones). Act! will prompt asking where to roll all the histories, notes and sales opps. Use the new temp name, Jonesxxx
    4. Copy-paste all the sales opps from Jonesxxx to Gnew
    5. rename the temp name contact (Jonesxxx) to Jones
  2. Option 2:
    1. Rename the former User's name to start with a string of "Z"s (ZZZJones), which will cause the name to pop up at the bottom of the alphabetical listing
  3.  If there's another way to do it, I'd like to hear it too.

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Re: Contact left company

If you use the Company records, and make sure notes/histories/etc that you create are associated with it, then you'll have them show both with the contact you worked with and still remain with the Company.


The nice things about this:

  • The new contact who wasn't involved in those activities doesn't have the information linked to him/her
  • The old contact, if they turn up at another site you deal with, will still have all the history you have shared linked to them
  • The Companies show the work you've done with the account no-matter how people come and go