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Contact and Calendar Syncing with mobile devices

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Contact and Calendar Syncing with mobile devices

Several years ago, I formed a group that is helping to improve/enhance/fix calendaring and scheduling standards.  One of the things we are working on now is mobile interoperability.  In particular, we are intereted in issues with syncing contacts and calendars with mobile devices and all kinds of PC applications, like ACT and Outlook.


My question to this forum is this - are you experiencing difficulties with duplicate contacts and/or calendar entries when you sync ACT and your mobile devices.  If so, what are you noticing?  In a perfect world, what do you wish it would do.


Note - this is probably not an ACT issue - it's a standards issue.  The mobile devices think and operate one way - applications like ACT think and operate another.  Under the covers they are "supposed" to be speaking a standard language.  That's what we feel is broken or out of sync, no pun intended.  There are companies out there that enable syncing between ACT - including Sage with the ACT Mobile Live.  But we know that issues arise with duplicate contacts or missing calendar events - especially recurring events.  I have noticed that is an admin/secretary changes a calendar event for their boss, you end up with either two calendar entries or none, sometimes.  Are you seeing this.


This is a very good forum to ask this question and our group hopes to put in place some changes that will help everyone - end users, application developers and sync companies.


I hope you will share some of your experiences here.  We appreciate your help in making this a better calendaring environment.  In case you are wondering, this is the link to the non-profit group that is working to make calendaring a betteer place.

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Re: Contact and Calendar Syncing with mobile devices



I would be happy to contribute to this wherever possible and think it is a great endeavour. I believe that most of the problem occur because those who develop solutions tend to not work in the real world and see many of the issues experienced by users on a daily basis.


As a general rule I do recommend synch one way only and for the most part with ACT! using one of the 3rd party products has had some reasonable success, but not perfect.


The other area I think is a problem is the ability for developers to realise that the data going to the mobile device needs to have a unique identifier back to "home base" and this does not seem to be a function offered on the mobile devices via the internal contact/calendar enviroment.


So a concerted effort needs to be to find out from these OS developers how to "marry" the information back to the home database, no small task I believe.


One other major area of concern is that you need to always start with a clean mobile device as any previous data seems to have a direct impact of the results going forward.


Let me know if you want any further comment

Paul Buchtmann Australia
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Re: Contact and Calendar Syncing with mobile devices