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Contact Name under User keeps getting changed

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Contact Name under User keeps getting changed

One of my fellow employee's ACT Contact name under her user name keeps getting changed.  It lists her Contact Name as some ficticious name and her User Name correct.


I can't seem to change this back to her name (it shows as the ficticious name as record manager name). 


Has anyone else had this problem?  this is the 2nd time this has happened to her. 


The really weird part is that the ficticious name that her contact name was changed to was a record she created last week!



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Re: Contact Name under User keeps getting changed

This is really easy to fix. It happens when someone overwrites the my record. (Usually because they don't understand that users of the database also have records in the database).

have the user go lookup, my record. That record is assigned to them and will be the one with the bogus info. Change back to the users info. It is s training issue.
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Re: Contact Name under User keeps getting changed

WHen this person logs in - you will see their "My Record" - change the contact name back to the correct name.  I've seen this happen when a user just overwrites on their record - thinking they have created a new contact. One thing to check is to see if others have now been using this contact (with the wrong name) thinking it is a new contact - there could be history that you would want to save.

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