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Contact-Company Links en masse

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Contact-Company Links en masse

Hi folks,


Act Premium 12.1 (been using Act since Act 2008)


A quick question.  Is it still the case that we cannot issue contact-company links en masse?  Furthermore, is it the case that, once linked, we have to go through each contact or company to issue the "update linked fields"?


I suspect that the answer is yes.  My follow-up is to the Act users (vs the Act employees).  How is this okay with you?  I cannot tell if Sage is deliberately gimping their product for the lowest common denominator and making use of the 3rd party vendors to fix the core product or if they truly believe that a record-by-record change is a viable solution.


My view is that 3rd party applications should add value; the burden should not be on them to make the core product tolerable. 

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Re: Contact-Company Links en masse

You are correct, both of those function in Act!, barring an add-on, are one record at a time scenarios...
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Re: Contact-Company Links en masse

I had to do this same thing for 1000 companies/contacts to link them in order to perform mail merges, as we didn't have any "contacts" set up.  I accomplished this with an add-on product.  But I totally agree it should be included in  the actual product, or we should pay a premium to only have to interface with one company - not be stuck in between the Add ons.


The other simple task I can't figure out why we have to use add on products for is CUSTOM tables/lists.  This seems like the most basic task of a database, why ACT! wouldn't support this function is beyond me.