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Connecting to ACT Database - ACT2010 Premium

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Connecting to ACT Database - ACT2010 Premium

I have recently set up server based installation of ACT2010 premium.


We have two remote users, myself and another. I typically access the database on the server directly from within the network (with no problem) and my colleague needs to access it remotely (a problem). I also access the database remotely with no problem through my home broadband and then VPN to network. Which brings me to the problem.....


The other user cannot access the database from her house through her internet connection and then VPN. She can VPN into the network and see the share where the .pad file is stored - she has read/write access to this directory and can save documents and create subfolder - she has access. However, when she tries to click the .pad file from within the application it can't open the database.


However, when she is the office and she gets an internet connection from the office wireless network she CAN access the database from within ACT!


We tested this with another wireless hotspot network in the building (not our company network) and again she could not access - same issues as trying to get in from home.


Server is SBS2008, ACT2010!, new install and setup of server - I have not yet bought a certificate for the server, could this be an issue possibly?


I would appreciate any input to get this issue resolved.


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Re: Connecting to ACT Database - ACT2010 Premium

It might be an idea if you meantion the error you get?


You might try opening the PAD file in Notepad and changing the Host from the server name to it's IP address.



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Re: Connecting to ACT Database - ACT2010 Premium

Thanks Mike, this took us to the next stage.

FYI the original error said - "The database xxxxx could not be accessed. In order to access this database, check your network connection and verfiy that your database server is available. It may be necessary to disable any firewall on the server"


Your advice was very good as for the first time the user was asked for her user name and password - so progress.


User name and password was entered and then the following error message:


"Cannot find database supplemental files folder xxxxxx-database file in this location (xxx.xx.x.x IP address).This could be a problem with the share or the folder may not exist. Please contact the administrator of your database."


I have checked that there aren't any multiple shares - do you think that I need to change the naming of the shared database to IP Address from machine name?


thanks for your input



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Re: Connecting to ACT Database - ACT2010 Premium

Not sure if you did this already, but did u put the port number along with the IP address?