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Confused on Log Results for Last Synchronized

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Confused on Log Results for Last Synchronized

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We have ACT 2011, with 3 users, 1 host/parent, 2 remote users. When I synchronize,from my remote database,the information I get for the last synchronized search throughr lookup>advanced>lst syncrhonized confuses me.  When I select to view all databases,  it shows 2 users on company-name database( 1 is a remote user, 1 parent/main db)  but my information shows as a different database called judyremote database.   I'm confused if my remotejudyremotedatabase is synchronizing properly with the parent (main) database. I dont' want to miss information. I actually use the db more than the others.


Also, when I view this log, the field for "user name" shows data for the 3 users,  but then over 1/2  of these are blank with no user name. 


Can anyone help sort out my confusion? I'm concerned if the databases are set up properly. We only want 1 database for all the information.  Thanks,Judy

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Re: Confused on Log Results for Last Synchronized

I don't know the ins and out on this, but as I recall that this data is not complete on the remote side.  It is really intended for the admin viewing on the host...


Could be wrong, but I think that's the deal on that...