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Confused By Network Setup Of Act 2008

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Confused By Network Setup Of Act 2008

We just purchased a 10 user license so that users in our organization can share info with each other. So, I set up what I will refer to, as an ACT Server. This will contain a master database that our users will "sync" with. I'm having trouble grasping how all this works.
Like I said, I set up our Act Server and called the database CompanyMaster. I set up Act for myself and created a database called CompanyRay. I'm assuming that the next step is to create a "sync set" to tell it what what contact info out of CompanyRay to "sync" with the master database. I created the sync set, but now I'm lost. I really don't know what to do next and I'm confused by the instructions in the manual.
Does the Act Server have to have a remote database set up for each user accessing it? Do I have to unpack each users' database and somehow restore it onto the server? I have to believe that somewhere on my PC, I need to tell it about where the server is (IP Address) or what its name is? Is that correct? Can someone help guide me in the right direction?
How do I get CompanyRay to copy the contacts defined in the Sync Set with the CompanyMaster database on the Server.
Thanks for your patience.
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Re: Confused By Network Setup Of Act 2008

Please dont cross post. This Forum is for ACT! Basic not Premium, Network Sync is a Premium Service.
Mods can you delete this double post as it has been answerd on another forum..
Jeremy Wesley