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Conflict with Add-In's?

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Conflict with Add-In's?

I had Act!2009 on a Windows XP (SP3) computer with Microsoft Office 2003 (SP3).  Everything was working fine.  I upgraded to Act!2010 and everything seemed okay but then I started to get a lot of prompts from my Outlook 2003 and Word 2003 that my has changed and I need to save it.   Upon further investigation, I noticed that the the location of the registry key for the Act Office Add-in had the two registry entries below:


"FriendlyName"="ACT! Documents Tab Add-In"
"Description"="ACT! Documents Tab Add-In"



"FriendlyName"="ACT! Office 2007 Addin"
"Description"="ACT! Office 2007 Addin."


My questions are:


1.)  Is the fact that I have two registry entries for two Act Office Add-Ins causing my Microsoft Office applications (Word & Outlook) problems because they both exist and they're both trying to load up (LoadBehavior=dword:00000003)?


2.)  If they are the cause of the problem, can I just enable one of the Office AddIn?  If so, which one should I enable?


3.)  If I do enable just one of them, do I enable it by deleting the registry entry that I don't need or do I just change the LoadBehavior to 2 for the Office Add-In registry I don't want?


4.)  If I only have Microsoft Office 2003, do I need the ActOffice2007Addin.Connect installed - if so are there any compatibility issues with the version of Microsoft Office 2003 that I have and the version of Act!2010 that I use?


Any help anyone can provide on this would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You,


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Re: Conflict with Add-In's?

This is normal. Only one of the addins will really load. If you continue to get errors regarding, I would suggest closing all instances of Office, Word, Outlook, and Act and searching for and deleting copies of 


Restart Word and see if the prompt goes away.