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Configuring Act Premium for a Bank

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Configuring Act Premium for a Bank

I am a new user to ACT, and I am assisting with the set up of the program to meet the specific needs of our company, a small community bank.  I am writing to inquire if there are other bank users in the community.   I would specifically appreciate some help in setting up our products in the opportunities window to correspond with banking products, such as loan opportunities, deposit opportunities, wealth management, etc.


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Nickel Elite Contributor
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Re: Configuring Act Premium for a Bank

While you *might* be able to configure Opportunities to do this, chances are that solutions won't grow to/with your needs.  A more proper solution would be an addon called TopLine Designer @


This is a "table" addon that allows you to use ACT! records as the base building block and then add tables/views/forms to handle all your specific needs.  I use this, and have implemented it for a few clients - it's a fantastic tool to make ACT! work *for* your business.


Hope this helps...

Richard Brust
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Re: Configuring Act Premium for a Bank



I have assisted with a number of bank projects over the years and Richard is correct below with the suggestion of a custom table as thi sprovides a number of flexible options especially when it comes to multiple product types and the ability to do direct calculations on a number of specific fields whihc is not available in the opportunities area.


let me know if you require further detail or even go and test Richards tool on a test database first.

Paul Buchtmann Australia
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