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Computer Crash after installing Sage Act

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Computer Crash after installing Sage Act

We are hesitant in purchasing the new Sage ACt. We"ve had two computer crashes when downloading the new program.


Why is this happening?



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Re: Computer Crash after installing Sage Act

Can you verify and provide any additional information about the situation? 


You mention that the computer has crashed during the download of the program - is that correct, that it is during the download - not during the extract or installation?

If during the download, check the amount of disk space available for the computer on which the file is being saved.  The download will need about 2gb of space (1gb for the temp file during the download and 1gb to save the file - then the temp file will be removed).


Or is the computer crashing during the extract after the download?


Or is it during the installation of the program?


Are you getting any kind of messages before the crash?  If yes, can you provide the message?

Are there any errors within the Event Viewer at the time of the crash?  They may be able to help determine the cause.


Have you tried downloading to a different computer?

Greg Martin