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Comparing Group Membership

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Comparing Group Membership

Hi All,


I'd appreciate some help with ACT if anyone can help!


I have a large set of data and I have created a group using a certain criteria set.  I have now created a second group using a different but overlapping set of criteria and I want to find a way of easily identifying and removing all records from the second group which appeared in the first group.


I am creating a calling list for a telemarketing campaign so I need to make sure that they are not going to duplicate calls as I will not be supplying the record history.


The criteria sets are quite complex and included some manual additions so I can't really modify the lookup or search on the second group to remove records which may be in the first group.


Ideally I would like to add something like the "Group Name" field onto the Contact List view on the lookup, or create an advanced query to select all records where group membership = group 1 and group 2


Looking forward to any advice!





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Re: Comparing Group Membership

You don't need to buy any additional software. 

Presuming that you don't need to perform this process frequently, then do the following:-


  1. Create a Yes/No field for Contact records; Tools menu, Define Fields and place the field in the Contact records layout.
  2. In the first group do a Create Lookup of records (right mouse click in first group, choose Create Lookup menu). 
  3. For the lookup choose Edit menu | Replace Field and type in 'True'. Run the edit/replace for the lookup which will put a check in that field for all the contacts that are members of the first group.
  4. Now move to the second group and create a lookup of all the records in the group.
  5. From the lookup, narrow the lookup further based on the Yes/No field being True. That will give you all the contacts that are in both groups.
  6. Create another Yes/No field (call it 'In Group 1 & 2') and perform an Edit/Replace as per 3. to populate this field with a check for all records that are in the two groups.

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