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Company list

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Company list



Another newbie here. I have several questions:


1. How can I change a company name, is it just simply rename it in the company name field or should I do it differently.

2. I do company look-up  and Company A is there, I do Group look-up then the Company A is there too. But, when I click on the     Company tab (Company Detail) I can not find Company A in the list. Why?





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Re: Company list

Hi Newbie,

As I did years ago I suggest buying ACT support 13 month plan for $250? also get the ACT Training Guide because you are going to run into many issues of layouts, Field setup and how to relate Company, Contact and Group Tables.

The second consideration is to hire for the $150 per hour an ACT Cert. Consultant. I wish I did, you will make more money in sales saving time, get very upset learning the issues and work arounds.

1. Yes just rename it in Contact or Company Tables the field (Company) to make sure it sticks than hit the Save icon.

2. I don't understand your question.  FYI two modes in Tools Preferences Startup Tab you have Log on settings or Views for Startup as open each view in its own window. There is the Contact Detail view top section shows company field if you right click you get the Lookup search. When performed your will get a Contact List view window. Double click on any in list to jump back to Contact detail view.  Group Detail is a Table for you to create a Query or Static link of contact(s) records to a Group Table. You must have created a Group with same company name but it's not a record to mange like a contact record.