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Company level duplicates??

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Company level duplicates??

I was under the impression that ACT Premium 2009 had a duplicate scan feature for both the company and group levels in addition to the contact level. In fact if I go to Tools, Preferences, and click the Duplicate Checking button it allows me the option to choose which type of record I want to enable dup. checking for: Contact, Company or Group. I can change those settings but I still don't see how to make it run for records on the Company level. (I don't think this was even possible previously but I could be wrong) I am fully aware of how to use the "Scan for Duplicates" function for the contact level.


Please help!?!? We have over 40,000 records in our db & I know there are dups I just can't find them without it being a nightmare!!


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!

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Re: Company level duplicates??

The company duplicate check will only prompt if you are creating a new company that has matching criteria of an existing company.  There isn't an option to scan for duplicate companies.