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Company Field empty after import from ACT! 6

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Company Field empty after import from ACT! 6

I am attempting to help a colleague who was using ACT! 6 and recently purchased a new computer.  His old hard drive failed and he says he has no record of the serial for ACT! 6, so he was advised to purchase ACT! Premium (whatever version the newest, non-cloud based software is).


He did so and pointed the new version to a folder he backed up from his old PC.  Everything seemed to import ok, he got a message saying it needed to be converted to work with the new software and that went without a hitch as well.

Clicking the "Contacts" button displays a list of contacts, and he says the are all there.  Those contacts have company names listed in their details.

However, when clicking "Companies"... it is blank.

I'd love some help with figuring this out.  Thanks!

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Re: Company Field empty after import from ACT! 6

The company was only a field, in the new version is an entity, then the contacts may come with company information but that does not mean that when converting the database from DBF to SQL Server will be created Companies







And what can be done?


I suggest doing this process with the help of a Expert  Act! Consultant...


There is a preference you can set...








From the List-view of the contacts of the new version... You can do an export to excel that includes the company field (Additionally... address, phone and the web page).....  In excel you can delete the rest of columns and leaving only the above fields

Save that excel with a name (List of Companies) and import that list to the database to the company records


If the company name is the same (Completely the same)  in the contact and in the list you are importing, Act! Will make the association between the entity of Contacts and the Companies