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Company Field and Associated With

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Company Field and Associated With

I am wondering if someone can help.  We use opportunity records heavily.  When we get a new sales opportunity, I tell people to enter the company record first, then enter the contact records, then add the New Oppportunity.  When I set this up a couple years ago, I didt see a good way to get the "Company" field into the opportunity record.  The two choice I saw where, use this "Associated With" field, I dont really understand, or let the opportunity pick up the Company from the Contact Record - but you have to add the Contact to the opportunity to make this happen, plus the Company reported then becomes a function of the order of your contacts....not good.  So, I have users enter the Company into a new opportunity field that I defined.   We have 2000 opportunity records now, but 2 problems (1) people complain and dont understand why they need to enter the company name twice and (2) it leads to mismatches because there are 2 fields that are supposed to be the same.  This mismatch is going to become a problem......


The only way I can see to solve this with a built in function is to use this Associated With field.  Is there any explanation anywhere of what this is or how it works?   If I list the Associated WIth filed it shows up with Company Name (CMP)  .... whatever CMP is. 


Any other pointers would be appreciated.  Thanks