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Companies to contacts?

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Companies to contacts?


Migrating from Act 6 to 2010.  Grasping the whole companies thing which is nice.  Moving forward  If i make a new company first can I  make contacts based off of that information?  Like If I  have XYZ company and I know that im going to add 15 employees and they are all going to have the same address and number can contacts be made off of companies?  or am i coming at this the wrong way?  Any insight would be appreciated.



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Re: Companies to contacts?

What you can do to use a Company to populate contact records is to use the 'Update Linked Contacts' option (under the Company menu).  So, you will need to create your new contacts (just enter a Name and Link to the Company).  Then you will go to the Company screen and select the desired Company > go to the Companies menu > select Update Linked Contacts.  All Linked fields will be pushed from the Company to the Contacts.  You can view the linked fields from the Companies (or Contacts) menu > View Linked Fields. 

Linking fields is done through the Tools > Define Fields option.  For more information about managing fields in Act!, visit this article:

How to Manage Fields in Act!

Greg Martin