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Closing a Won Opportunity

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Closing a Won Opportunity

A bit of advice needed:


I put an opportunity in for 4 items totaling 3,912.50


The customer accepted my quote (made from cool!)



He sent over a PO with 2 additional items (which I had previously quoted him prior to using the opportunities feature) for a grand total of  $4,573.75


My Question:

Should I add ther additional items to the opportunity and close it?


In the future, if a customer accepts an opportunity should I modify the opportuntiy with additional items (or take them out if they only accept some of the products.)



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Re: Closing a Won Opportunity

it's more of a procedural question than a technical question. However, we have a practice of not changing a quote once it's been closed as won. Especially within ACT, there is not version tracking and there could be confusion as to whether and when the quote is updated.  So I'd make a new quote if there have been changes adn close out the old one.


As your quoting needs grow, you might consider Quotewerks which has built in versioning and a great deal of customization potential.

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Re: Closing a Won Opportunity

Thank you. I did check out Quotewerks last year. It was nice however:


1. Too expensive

2. Very seperate from act (doesn't feel like an add-on but a totally seperte program and that just means more windows for my sales people)


I like the minimal-ness of the ACT opp. and quote feature.


Thanks for the advice.