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Clearing "Future" Tasks

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Clearing "Future" Tasks

I have a user who was using a 3rd party product to sync ACT with Outlook.  The problem was that it was creating multiple (and I mean 100's if not 1000's) of duplicate entries in ACT and Outlook when it was syncing.  I think the problem was that there were recurring entries that had no timeframe in ACT, so when they transferred to Outlook, it created a weekly appointment with a timeframe of 365 days (or something like that). 

We are using the current version of ACT, and we are now able to Sync to Outlook, but only if we choose a date range to sync.  If we choose now and future, it never finishes because the "bad" tasks from the Sync are still showing up in ACT for many, many years in the future - like 2079.


Is there a way to delete all Tasks that are from a certain date and greater?  Like 1/1/2009 and the future?


Thanks for any help.



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Re: Clearing "Future" Tasks


To delete a date range of activities in ACT at one time you should be able to:

  1. Go to task list
  2. Sort by dates if they are not already sorted (Click on the Date column heading)
  3. Highlight the first date  that you want cleared
  4. Scroll down to the last date that you want cleared and hold down your Shift key then select the date.
  5. All of the dates in that range should be highlighted now. 
  6. Right click in the highlighted area and select Clear Multiple Activities
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Re: Clearing "Future" Tasks

The problem is that there are thousands of Tasks.... Is there anyway to delete everything past a certain date?  ACT will show that there are 2000 events.... I will delete everything, and then there are still 2000 events. (I did this a bunch of times, and I have only deleted events for the next couple months).


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Re: Clearing "Future" Tasks

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If the tasks are set as recurring, then whenever you clear one, it will regenerate the next task in the recurrence.  Recurring tasks cannot be deleted in groups, so you would need to delete them one at time (right-click on choose "Erase Activity" and choose to delete the entire occurrence.  I understand this will be time-consuming, but it is the only available method within the program to remove these recurring activities.


If the activities are not recurring, then you can the the suggestion from the previous post the clear multiple activities, then use the Database cleanup tool top remove all cleared activities older than a certain number of days.

- Go to Tools/Database Maintenance/Remove Old Data

- Check the box for "Cleared activities older than" and specify the number of days 

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Greig Hollister

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Re: Clearing "Future" Tasks

I tried the method for clearing old activities, but when I tried to highlight the tasks- it only flashed on for a few sceconds, not long  enough to get the delete multiples on the menu.,  Any sugguestions?