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Clearing activities before "due" date

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Clearing activities before "due" date

When a user clears an activity ahead of schedule, ACT records the date the activity was scheduled for on some machines, and the date it was actually cleared on other machines.  We've been through preferences and cannot find a place to change this so that we are all storing data in the same way.

IE a To Do that was scheduled for 5 Dec was cleared on 1Dec ....on one users machine the date of the history item would be Dec 5, and with another user it would be Dec 1st

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Re: Clearing activities before "due" date

If the same activity is cleared more than one time, then you can have different history dates and times. The date under the activity date will be the same, but when clearing it, the date and time defaults to real time. If the activity is clicked again, this will "unclear" the activity. The if you clear it again, this again will bring up the clear screen and create a second history item. Please verify that your users are:

a) not clearing the same activity twice

b) not changing the default date/time when clearing


It may also be a good idea to see if the same thing happens in the demo database (ACTversion#Demo) as well. I tested this function on my system and was not able to duplicate. The version of ACT! I tested is ACT! 2010.

Greig Hollister

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