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Clean up comma's in some fields ?

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Clean up comma's in some fields ?

For later exporting in csv files, I like to Clean up comma's in some fields :


Stationstreet, No 9




Best would be to replace the comma by make that place in the field as empty, so comma becomes a space.

I have to many contact fields/ Udef fields to do it manually.

Uptill now a choose a field "contains ,  "  and then do it per field,but too much work for 5000 plus fields.!


Any Idea ??



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Re: Clean up comma's in some fields ?

Don't waste your time. The ACT!  text delimited export for comma dilimited is quote/comma delimited. That is each fields text is enclosed in quotes and most programs that accept comma delimited data will treat the data enclosed by quotes as literal and will ignore any commas in the field data.

Roy Laudenslager
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