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Changing the prporty of a field

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Changing the prporty of a field

Is it possible to change the type of field without loosing the data. We made a field in the past as text, the only thing we put into the field is a date. So now we want to change this field to a date field with no lost of data.


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Jurgen Poelmans

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Re: Changing the prporty of a field

Sugestion. Open ACT Demo DB create copy Save Copy As than create a Text Field insert the data in the same format your did in other DB next chnage the field type to a date format to see how it looks.  It will not delete data, but the format of data may change.  Use this Demo DB for other questions you may have to help reduce your wait time on quesitons like this or to trouble shoot errors by seeing if your source DB is corrupt.


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Re: Changing the prporty of a field

I haven't tried this, but it might work...


Create a new date field, use Edit | Copy, to move the text data across and then look at the two fields in the Contact List to make sure it's all ok before deleting the old field.